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A first of its kind decentralised debt network to enable global lending


Global Lending Network

A peer to peer network of lenders and borrowers to enable crypto backed loans

Margin Trading

Global Trading Network

A peer to peer network of margin traders with shared liquidity and upto 10x leverage


Global Bonds Network

A peer to peer network of liquidity providers for non fungible tokenised assets

$1 Trillion

Size of leveraged loans market in US

$542 Trillion

Estimated total size of derivatives market

$81 Trillion

Total size of bonds market in 2009

2.2 Billion

People lack access to financial services

Our Vision

Rewriting global debt on the blockchain

Our Mission

Creating peer to peer debt marketplace

Our Team

A founding team with a proven track record

Varun Despande


Ratnesh Ray


Siddharth Verma


Rohit Soni

Tech Lead

Aniket Shinde

Sr. Software Developer

Amitav Khandelwal

Sr. Software Developer

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