Nuo Lend | Crypto-backed Loans


Multi Asset Support

We currently support over 50 ERC20 tokens as collateral including DAI, OMG, BNB, REP, BAT, ZRX

Zero Risk

Every loan is backed by 1.5x of loan amount as collateral in the smart contract


Users can even take long term loans of upto 12 months at 10-20% premium with preferred repayment structure


Every smart contract and transaction associated with a loan can be tracked and verified publicly


Users across the world can use the platform to lend and borrow without any geographic restriction


Completely anonymous and uses metamask wallet for signing a transaction

How it works


Create a loan request

To get started, you would need to create a loan request by choosing a collateral token. This collateral will be with the smart contract till you repay your ETH loan. You can then choose a premium and the duration of the loan with a repayment structure across 1 or upto 10 instalements.


Transfer Collateral

Once you fill the loan request form, you would have to pay gas (Ethereum Network fees) for creating a smart contract. Once a smart contract is created successfully you would authorise and transfer the collateral tokens to this smart contract.


Get funded

Once the loan request is created successfully it would be visible to all the lenders on the platform across the world. Lenders can fund this loan and put their Ether to use and earn a premium on their investment. Most loans get funded in ~24 hours on the platform.

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