Introducing Nuocoin | Nuo

Token Creation Event

1 x NUO


.0001 x ETH

Nuocoin Airdrop

Nuo incentivises its passionate community of users and enables them to be a part of our growth in a transparent way

Asset Contract

Nuocoin asset contract holds the value of our token and distributes them with certain conditions as defined in the contract


Nuocoins once you signup
on the app


Nuocoins for every successful referral


Nuocoin cashback for first transaction

Role of Nuocoin

Nuocoin is an integral part of the Nuo ecosystem

Nuocoin Token

Nuocoin is based on Ethereum token standard (ERC20); a secure decentralised protocol for token distribution and verification. The role of Nuocoin is to create a new age banking structure, generate liquidity for introducing new products and create payments, lending and developer network.

Nuo Ecosystem

Nuo ecosystem comprises of all the participants in our network who come together to run the community. This includes users, liquidity providers, lenders, borrowers, parters, validators etc. Nuocoin plays an important role in incentivising this community to participate in the network.

Token Economics


A token with fundamental value in the Nuo ecosystem for enabling various financial products and incentivising users.


Transactional income is distributed to token holders ensuring Nuocoin's growth as number of Nuocoins will always be capped.


Nuocoin would avail on global exchanges within 6 months after the token sale. This would provide liquidity to all participants.

Bank of the Future